We install structural insulated panels in West Winfield, Catskill, Syracuse, NY and of all New England

Structural insulated panels (SIP) are part of a high-performance building system that allows you to insulate your home more efficiently. They're made of 6-12 inches of foam that's sandwiched between plywood, and they're placed outside of your framing so you can see your timber. SIPS are durable, environmentally friendly 3-layer construction with excellent insulating property.


  • Superior Insulating Value for year-round energy savings | Uses less energy to heat & cool with no air infiltration (no drafts) for a tightly sealed building envelope. According to the current International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) a stick-frame home requires an ACH (air changes per hour) of 3-5 dependent on your climate zone. SIPs ACH can be as low as 0.2. Helping you to lower your energy bills. In addition, there are fewer drafts, which means less dust and allergens & humidity will enter your home.
  • R-values do not reduce over time | SIPs do not sag, shift, develop voids or absorb moisture like fiberglass insulation.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality | SIPs do not use formaldehyde, CFC's (chlorofluorocarbons) or HCFP's (high carbon filled polymer).
  • Perfect marriage of Timber Frame & SIPs | Allows for the natural beauty of your timber frame to be seen.
  • Reduces waste |SIPs are manufactured specifically for each job offering a wide range of thicknesses, widths and lengths which virtually eliminates on-site material waste.
  • Reduces framing labor costs by as much at 55% | Traditional framing requires extensive man hours and longer construction time frames.
  • Quieter | You will notice a noise difference, outside (non-contact) noises are significantly reduced.
  • Stronger than Conventional Construction | SIPs design is compared to a steel I-beam.
  • Built in electrical chases | Ease of electrical wiring which reduces contractor time
  • Ideal for Green building projects | The foam contains no harmful blowing or expanding agents with no threat to the ozone layer. Can contribute to LEED/MGBS green building projects. Total amount of wood use is significantly less than a stick-frame house.
  • SIPs have a Class I Fire Resistance Rating | American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) measures flame spread & smoke development for combustible construction materials.

Cedarville Carpenter Company can design and install the panels for your new property in West Winfield, Catskill, Syracuse, NY or anywhere in New England.

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