Give Your Home a Sturdy Frame

Hire us for timber framing services in West Winfield, Catskill, Syracuse, NY and of all New England

Everything in your house depends on a strong, sturdy frame for support. If you're building a new house, barn or cabin in the West Winfield, Catskill or Syracuse, NY area, turn to Cedarville Carpenter Company for timber framing services. We'll prepare all of the timber for your property, test it and then assemble it - piece by piece.

We use unique joinery methods and fasten our timber together using wooden pegs. If you want to give your home a custom look and sturdy frame, we can help. Make an appointment for custom timber framing services today.

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What is Timber Framing?

It is a style of building construction using timbers instead of lumber (2X4's, etc.) dating back to as early as 200 BC. A timber frame structure is built to last for generations. One element of timber frame construction is its unique joinery; mortises and tenons fastened together with wooden pegs. A unique element is the timber for a building is prepared ahead of time, test fitted, then assembled from horizontal to vertical one by one. Prior to the 1900's timber framing was used throughout the world. With the introduction of finished lumber and "stick building" timber frame construction was fast becoming a dying art. Luckily, there has been resurgence in timber framing construction starting in the 1970's.

A question many customers ask...

Are Timber Frame Homes More Expensive Than A "Stick-Built" Home?

There are so many factors that go into building any home, it makes answering this question difficult. Most of timber frame homes Cedarville Carpenter Company builds average about $200? to $350? per square foot. (That is price for a turn-key other words, a home ready to be occupied)

A "stick-built" home may be slightly less expensive, but it is hard to compare that type of home to a timber frame house. Timber frame homes include high quality materials such as hemlock, pine & beams, posts, and braces, mortise & tenon joinery. Also, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are used for their superior insulating value, which allows the beauty of the beams & timbers to show, with the added benefits of using less energy to heat & cool your home. Plus, there is a large reduction in framing labor costs when using SIPs. And timber frame homes are more energy-efficient than "stick-built" houses and they often have a high market value.

Keep in mind the cost to build any home depends on architectural details, finish materials, cabinetry, and more. Overall, a timber frame-built home depends on the design, shape, interior finish materials, and windows/doors.